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All the pretty colours

Natural Skincare Lauren Stark Naturopath


Our makeup bag and cosmetic counters are filled with so many pretty colours and smells that can stop most girls in their tracks to touch, feel and smell. For many it is part of our daily routine to add a small smear of colour to our lips, a flick of mascara to open our eyes and a spray of your favourite scent to excite the olfactory nerve, it seems innocent enough right?

Unfortunately, to make all these pretty colours and have them last longer many different additives and preservatives need to be added (just have a look at the ingredients list on the packaging).

Our skin is one thirsty organ and all these additives are being absorbed by our skin and are having an effect on our health influencing our nervous system and causing hormone disruption, with some ingredients even being carcinogenic.

Without going into too much detail the 3 substances I wanted to mention are:-

  • Parabens – is a family of chemicals used as a preservative, they have been linked to reproductive, immunological, neurological and skin irritation problems.

  • Phthalates – Have been associated with reproductive conditions, lowered leukocyte function, and cancer. Phthalates have also been found to impede blood coagulation, lower testosterone, and alter sexual development in children.

  • Acrylamide – used in industrial processes of plastics, cigarette smoke and food. However is also used in nail polish, dyes and make-up. High exposure is considered carcinogenic and also associated with neurological damage.


Lucky for us the natural skincare industry is booming and there are more and more small businesses and companies now offering some amazing natural skincare & makeup in a huge range of colours, smells and price ranges.

A few years back I chose to swap my skincare over, I couldn't part with all my favourites at once so one by one as they ran out, I replaced them with a more natural product and now I have a full range of natural products and I am glad to know that a recent GPL Tox functional test that I carried out revealed very low levels of these additives in my system.

To help you on your way I have listed a variety of just some of the brands that are now available in many health food stores, online and in some pharmacies –

Eye of horus, Eco, Ere Perez, Hemp, Lavera, Beconos, Evohe, Karen Murrel, Inika, Zuii, Miessence, Kjaer Weiss, MooGoo, Claytime, Coleur

For more information on natural skincare, natural health, functional testing please contact Lauren Stark Naturopath by email or phone 0403 772 806.

Brisbane Naturopath & Nutritionist.

** Please note that brands mentioned still may contain different additives and preservatives and it is always important to read labels.

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