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Swedish Massage

Enjoy the benefits of a relaxing Swedish massage and soothe tired muscles. This is a gentle massage that helps manage your stress and improve general wellbeing.


Skincare products

All natural home-made skincare products especially formulated for your skin. Products available include cleansers, refreshing toner and moisturiser.

Special balms can be made per order to assist with troubled skin such as ezcema.







"I just love my moisturiser it is light, easily absorbs and my skin feels fantastic!



“I love it, it was so relaxing and special to have all my friends here.. I really really loved the banana and honey mask super gooey.... when can I have another party?"

Naturopathy & Nutrition

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to health and wellness working and empowering through education and in unison with clients. Utilising herbal and nutritional medicine, nutritional medicine, lifestyle coaching and education to restore the body to a state of homestasis.

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