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Naturopathy is a holistic and natural health care approach drawing upon traditional knowledge and the latest scientific research to empower and educate clients with interventions including dietary, herbs, nutrition, flower essences, lifestyle coaching and massage to help reduce symptoms and support the body return to homeostasis.




How we can help you!


At Naturally For You Health and Wellness we support your health journey to feeling fabulous by offering - 


  • Naturopathic & nutritional consultations

  • Functional and integrative medicine offering functional testing including - 

    • Complete hormone testing

    • Food intolerance testing

    • GIT digestion, bacteria and parasitology

    • Genetic testing for wellness and weight management

    • Nutritional, environmental and heavy metal testing

  • Weight Managment and personalised nutrition plans 

  • Digestive complaints IBS, Constipation, bloating, loose watery stools

  • Food Intolerances

    • FODMAP, SIBO, Low carbohydrate

  • Natural support for depression, anxiety and sleep

  • Women's health 

  • Children's and adolescent health and wellness

  • Skin conditions including acne an eczema

  • Sports Nutrition and dietary advice

  • General wellness and prevention

  • Swedish massage

    • stress management,

    • relaxation,

    • sports massage,

    • Chronic pain and arthritis

  • Professional speaker for corporate, sports clubs, schools, private group events


'Naturopathy provides you with the tools to support the body's natural healing ability'

Brisbane naturopath Lauren Stark

Testimonials - 


"Lauren's skills as a naturopath and her positive friendly persona I am finding to be such an amazing help with my health to be spot on with what she has recommended, I am well on the way to feeling that spark again, thank you Lauren you and your advice is so professional and caring" , Linda



"Thanks so much for seeing our son, he is really engaging with the advice you gave him. Leafy greens and boiled egg were eaten without fuss this evening! You pitched the message just right for him to soak it all in, well done",  Nicole

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