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Feeling sleepy?

I shared the following link over 12 months ago on my facebook page and thought it was so timely to repost as it is still very current if not more.

More often than not sleep will be a hot topic during a consult with so many people not getting enough, having trouble going to sleep, trouble staying asleep and waking unrefreshed.

As much as we try to deny it - our body really does need to sleep - some more than others, some less than others.

Sleep is a time for our body to heal, rest, or as some say reset.

Fortunately there are so many things I can do to help support and encourage quality sleep from a nutritional, herbal and biochemical level, and sometimes just taking away a few aggravating factors, creating a good sleep routine is what our body needs.

So if you find yourself grabbing for coffee, constantly yawning, falling asleep on the lounge, getting snappy, hitting the chocolate machine at 3pm I would suggest it might just be time to book in and see me.

In the meantime put down the phone, tablet and get yourself into bed!

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