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Detox Lauren Stark Naturopath

Did anyone watch SBS - The Truth About Your Health last night?

It was an interesting take on DETOX and I wonder how much the editors played with the interviews with the doctors.

Do we need to detox?

True this term is thrown around very loosely by people and yes used to a marketing advantage over and over again.

It is also true that our bodies are pretty darn amazing at naturally detoxifying.................. however time and time again I see people when their detoxification system is not working as well as it could and perhaps they do need some support.

How as a naturopath and nutritionist do I help –

  1. We assess what is going –

  2. Is your diet meeting your required nutrient demand?

  3. Does your lifestyle or profession have an impact on these organs/mechanisms?

  4. Do you have genetic variants that compromise your detoxification?

  5. Are you exposed to mould, heavy metals, pollutants?

  6. Are you moving your body – sweating, exercising?

  7. Do you sleep well?

  8. Do you drink enough water?

  9. How often are you emptying your bowels?

  10. We advise and educate on lifestyle changes to enhance your body’s natural metabolism

  11. We might encourage you to eat more of certain foods and less of others

  12. If there a nutrient deficiency – this can be from clinical signs or from testing and we might recommend nutrients specific

  13. We might suggest a herbal formula that supports and improve the mechanism of these pathways

  14. We will likely encourage you to move your body - walking, yoga, swimming - whatever makes you happy

  15. We might suggest massage which is known to help improve the bodies circulation which helps to naturally remove toxins through the natural elimination channels

  16. We might suggest Epson salt baths – is basic chemistry but the magnesium is this form supports the livers Phase 2 - sulfation pathway that metabolises hormones, amines and yes.... Glyphosate!

  17. And yes – we may tell you to have a juice or a smoothie if this is the easiest and most economical way for you to increase your nutrient and fruit and veggie intake!

I will in a later post list off some the signs and symptoms that you might be experiencing that would have me consider your gut and liver and kidneys may need a helping hand.... as a teaser – headaches, constipation, bloating, sluggish, high oestrogen (heavy periods) are just a few.

..... and just for fun my favourite detox green smoothie recipe



1 cup of leafy greens (baby spinach) 1/4 cucumber 1/4 cup of coriander 1 x kiwi fruit (skin on) or green apple

1/4 of a lemon (rind removed)

1cm knob of ginger 3 x cubes of ice

1 x cup of water (coconut water if you have on hand)

Combine all ingredients in a blender and pulse on high speed for approximately 45-60 seconds


Lauren XX

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