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Greens help the body to naturally cleanse and alkalise. They are full of fiber and rich in nutrients such as Vitamin C, potassium and magnesium.

The key to any balanced diet is to eat a variety of fresh foods - and this is the same for greens. Mix it up - enjoy them in a salad, on the side, with eggs, mixed through your favorite meals, or make them the main event of the meal and add other bit on the side.

I was a bit light on my greens yesterday so I made a supercharged smoothie to get me back on track today with a healthy handful of the herb Petroselinium crispum (Parsley) - its traditional healing properties were used as a diuretic and for kidney function, a carminative and expectorant - it has even been said to be an aphrodisiac; maybe due to its breath enhancing properties ;-).

Smoothies are great in moderation and you might like to enjoy them once or twice per week. There are so many variations you can make - but the key is to include 1 cup of green leafy's, a thumb size portion of fat (ie avocado), 200ml of water approx and a small serving of vegetable or fruit. Don't go overboard on the fruit - you only need 1 serve ie. 1/2 cup strawberries or 1 kiwi fruit!

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