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Hydration for the junior athlete

Junior sport and nutrition is quite the passion of mine, I know the benefits from both a social and physical sense of wellbeing, it is a great way for children to build confidence, meet new people and push their own boundaries. I know myself although not at all at a competitive level I am actively involved and just love the social side but the physical and mental wellness I get from my regular runs.

So with the heatwave well and truly set in and a postponed Athletics Regional Championships I have finally given myself the time to put this flyer together on hydration for the junior athlete.

If you would like to know more about Nutrition for Athletes contact Lauren Stark Naturopath & Nutritionist to book a nutritional consultation 0403 772 806 or email If you are not in Brisbane a skype consult can be arranged.

Hydration for the Young Athlete by Lauren Stark


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