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My little friend garlic

(I was recently going through an old blog of mine and I came across some great posts - this one from September 2013 - highly appropriate and in theme with recent posts about keeping the winter sniffles at bay)

PS - I do make a pretty awesome version of this recipe now for clients on request - it is extremely powerful stuff!

(2013 ) My little friend garlic....

or Allium sativum from one nerd to another!

We go through a lot of this stuff in our house - I pretty much cook with it in everything or add it raw to salad dressings and dips... the fresh raw variety has the most medicinal properties!

Garlic contains a chemical compound called allicin - this is that scrumptious smell you get when crushing a fresh garlic clove. Used medicinally it is a great go to for fighting off colds and flu's due to its antimicrobial and antiviral properties. It might also be used by herbal or naturopathic practitioners in the right form and dose for its antioxidant properties, anti-thrombotic actions, to increase circulation, and help reduce cholesterol.

Over the last week I have been fighting off my own sinus and ear infection and for some reason I didn't think to use my old favorite as a treatment - well its never to late... time for a new concoction, and time to kick this infection in the BBB!

Oxymel of garlic.

I used 7 cloves of garlic, apple cider vinegar, honey, some additional herbs including thyme from the garden.

This mix should keep well in the fridge for months if it isn't all used up.

All finished and taste tested.... hoping very much that the flavor improves once its cooled!

The finished product

Luckily my latest recipes are a lot more palatable

I am so glad that my updated recipes are much more palatable than this was!

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