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Zinc - an essential Trace Element

Zinc is an essential trace element known to play an important role in all healthy living cells.

The body contains approximately 2g of zinc in total and is found in all body tissues and fluid, including skeletal muscle and bone.

It is important for growth and development, immune system, all our biochemical processes (its used in 200 enzymatic actions), Neurological function, reproduction, acts as an antioxidant and helps regulate blood sugars.

Dietary sources: Meat, liver, eggs and seafood – particularly Oysters & Shellfish

** Phytates and calcium in foods can inhibit the absorption

Australian Daily RDI Zinc

Males 14-18 years - 13mg/day Males >19 years - 14mg/day

Females 14-18 years - 7mg/day Females > 19 years - 8mg/day

I will often think of Zinc as part of a treatment plan when someone suffers frequent illness, for fertility, depression, Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, skin - acne, wound healing, hormonal balance.


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