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That Sugar Film

My mother-in-law and I were lucky to sneak off a few weeks ago for lunch and a movie date... well when you put a Naturopath/Nutritionist and a Holistic Reflexologist together the choice of movie was a no brainer... it was called research!

What did I think?

The movie was entertaining, informative and thought provoking.

It gave a VERY visual demonstration of the body's basic physiology and biochemical processes involved when we consume sugar.

From a professional view point I believe we unknowingly over consume sugar in many forms and this movie was able to demonstrate this on many levels, from hidden sugars in everyday items to an extreme case of a soft drink guzzling society (some very cringe worthy scenes here).

The message I took from this movie - and it is one that I encourage my clients to do is to become more aware of what you are eating and eat and enjoy more whole foods, avoiding or limiting the amount of packaged foods consumed.

I left this movie feeling inspired and energised - armed with some great new ideas to empower and educate my clients to make healthier informed choices in meal planning and shopping.

It is still showing in a few cinemas in Brisbane so if you get the chance it is one worth watching!

Please share with me your favourite moments from the movie.

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